March 30, 2012

A worthwhile read for any fan of Mass Effect.

Shortly after Mass Effect 3 went public, and devoted fans far and wide ground through the story like some manic drill to soft dirt, outrage soon swept the field. Never in the history of digital interaction media had the world seen such a vast amount of public outrage and general disappointment. The common complaint? The ending, and it alone, destroyed everything; obliterated company honor; threatened to make martyrs of most of the fan-base.

Here is, in my opinion, a strong essay that renders down and distills the elements of what went wrong, and for any of you that follow me that may even have a passing interest in the Mass Effect series, that you may read it.


  1. Played one (got stuck at the very end boss fight), played two to completion, but now unsure about getting three? Some say it's quite buggy, but the killer is this ending. Why do thy do such things? Why? Grrr...

    The PBB idea is shelved. Looking at the logistics of it and the current time sink this A-Z challenge will take, plus the set up, and turns, I feel now is not the time to attempt it. Hope you don't mind?

    Btw, have you played Guild Wars? Thinking of playing Guild Wars 2? If you haven't heard of it, pop over to ;)

    1. BioWare has actually been forced to create a new ending (plural?) after the fan outrage, or risk a severe decrease in company popularity. So, there may be hope in that regard. As for the bugs; nothing that is game-breaking exists, and they are few and far between. (At least in my experience.)

      As for the PBB. That's alright, fellow. It is a fair bit of effort just to get off the ground, never mind to continue to manage something like that.

      I've heard of Guild Wars, but only in passing. Most of the video game RPGs I play are pretty old with Elder Scrolls: Morrowind being the most recent. GW2 looks pretty interesting from what I just found on the net. Based on the published system requirements I may just be able to play it too! Haha!