April 15, 2012

Oubliette Magazine

For those of you that haven't heard, it's a mag that focuses mainly around the Labyrinth Lord game system, but any of its articles would be a fine fit for other systems and editions of maze mastering.

Now I suppose I'm not the most informed individual on the net, nor do I ever seem to have my ear to the ground regarding matters even closer to home, but what immediately had my attention about this magazine was the fact that it was an OSR magazine! Many of the older hobbyists have or at least once had magazines such as The Space Gamer, Polyhedron, The Dragon, and others to get their fix of fresh ideas and general hobby reads. Very few options remain these days that aren't just product ads under the guise of a monthly issue. (I'm looking at you, White Dwarf.)

In this day where so much is available across the digital medium, many can just as easily subscribe to a website, or a web log, and be about their merry way without a coin from their pocket. But for folks like me, who like to hold it in their hands; the grit of paper; the smell of new book; and the stack of reading always on-hand, it's a god-send. I would use a Kindle if given one, but the yellowed page is still strong in me.

Not only is it something I can hold physically that draws me to Oubliette, otherwise I'd have a hoard of books I don't like to read, but also that each issue brings with it wide and varied content, pictures, and even adventure modules with maps! There's always something new and exciting to be found within each issue, and I'll dare say that Regan and crew know how to please.

The only thing I regret was accidentally not purchasing issue #5 along with the rest when I did!

Furthermore, Tales from Hell is my kind of cartoon.

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