April 24, 2012

A to Zed - Broadmore, Greg

Greg Broadmore is an illustrator, designer, writer, and concept artist for Weta Workshop. Whether its science fiction, zeerust, Victorian punk, robots or dinosaurs, the man's on top. Some of his most well known work comes from District 9, King Kong, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. And to say he has an eye for detail and flare for creativity is an understatement. Much of his visual design work is as is seen in the films themselves, almost as if transmuted straight from his drawings.

I first came to know of Broadmore and his work after appropriating a copy of the art book by Weta for the 2005 film, King Kong. Though I had known of Weta Workshop since The Lord of the Rings movies came about, it wasn't until the reimagining of one of my favorite films that I came to know of this fellow. And if you can find a copy of The World of Kong, A Natural History of Skull Island, you will be in for a treat, I guarantee it. There are multiple maps of Skull Island, along with breakdowns of the local ecologies for each section of the island. Our gaming group used it to run a fantasy expedition campaign, though I don't recall it ending well for the party...
Beyond the films he's been apart of, Broadmore has created the wonderful universe of Dr. Grordbort, though with the help of Weta, as I'm told. It's a lovely medley of Victorian science fiction and pulp topped off with eye candy. And the bestiary on the site has some beaut monsters! Other things he's had his hand in include the Riff Raff sculpture, and this funny tripod thing.

He regularly keeps the world up to date on his personal art through his website and web log.

Also, 'weta' are roughly 70 species of insect similar to crickets. And I'm not sure I sympathize with those complaining with the new Blogger layout. It seems to work fine for me.


  1. Love that Dr. Grordbort's site - the more I see of steampunk the more I'm liking it. How did you find this? It's a brilliant site - also loving that space craft image.

    1. I learned of Dr. Grordbort through Mr. Broadmore's blog back around when it was still new-ish. That's the Poleepkwa's control shuttle from District 9.