March 20, 2012

Sappy Tree Stuff

May the spring wind breathe a warm air to us all.

That being said, it sure is something isn't it; the vernal equinox? Soon the rains, the blooms, and the new life that comes with it will be here with us all once again. I know after the rather poor crop our valley suffered last year, we sure could use a jolt. Hong Kong needs its $5 lapins...

At one time, this day was on the twenty-fifth of March. Go figure.


  1. Hey thanks for adding me, I hope you find my blog interesting. I've returned the favor and look forward to reading your posts!

    1. Matt has a lot of great posts going on, and on going, especially regarding his great bargain pick ups - but best of all are his game night recounts... makes me wish I had a group to DM once more.