March 26, 2012

Just something that really nailed it.

While doing my usual of link jumping on Youtube I came across a music group that just hit everything I've been looking for in passive spacey tunes. I've usually got music playing during games that isn't distracting, so this was a godsend.

Solar Fields - Discovering


  1. Not as chilled as I'd normally like, but still great for background music at a low volume. Someone you might like is a guy on YouTube goes by the name of 'Infite Third II'... his stuff is sublime, laid back and relaxing. I think you might like his stuff.

    Have you played 'EvE Online'? Now the music in that can be so chilled, I'd often just sit back, watch the stars and chill, but not for too long as that game gets you a bit paranoid about getting ganked by pirates or other players. But brilliant ambient music in that game - possibly the best yet.

    Starting to formulate a plan on running a pbb (play by blog) game. Though it will be a fantasy setting, and I'm thinking of running it on a separate blog to the one I have to save clutter and confusion (give me any thoughts on this). Not sure how much prep will be required beforehand, but I'd like to have things in place for those involved to have a fun and involving time of it. Thinking of maybe two turns a week? Players post their intentions, actions and dialogue. I will then relate this in a story-styled format (diagrams/illustrations included) which will then be posted after each turn. So players get to read the resulting outcome and then send in their second turn.

    The number of players involved I think I will keep to a manageable number, say six. All the other details, such as race, gender, class/professions available, I have yet to determine, as with the opening premise.

    But please feel free to respond, and I'm giving you the pleasure of first refusal to joining in on this venture :)

    1. Actually, yes, I am familiar with EVE Online. I used to play it on one of my buddy's computers before he shipped out to Vancouver. I'll also admit, it was hilarious to suddenly jump a dreadnaught in-system and watch all the small mining ships immediately flee out-system. Sometimes people were just a bit too paranoid.

      As for the PBB game; I'd say that sounds good. Two turns a week would work quite well. Any plans for which system you'd like to run, and which end is rolling the dice? Otherwise I'm game.

    2. I think it wiser that you tell me what your previous experience is in this field, and what you would and would not be wanting to join?

      It might sound daft, but I wasn't contemplating running any kind of system as such - don't really want folks to be rushing off to their monster manual, or DM's rule book to get an edge. I was thinking of doing something off-the-cuff.

    3. I've not very much experience in the PBB field, though I have read and do understand how others (as players) participate in them. I would be up for joining in on any manner of setting, genre, and play style. Even things like Save vs Death, not knowing one's own hit points, or other mechanics wouldn't bother me. Otherwise, I see nothing that I wouldn't join.

      Actually, I'd say it isn't daft. Part of the role-play experience that always excited me was the mystery, the challenge of fresh-faced encounters, and never quite beating the system, as a player. With the exception of when I run Labyrinth Lord, 3.5 ed or Metamorphosis Alpha/Gamma World, I run games with a system of my own design and a setting that's always different.

      A fantasy setting where the players, and by extension, their characters can only guess sounds exhilarating.

      Anyone else that may be interested in joining?