September 17, 2012

Veil of Shadows

Seems I'm returning to the seat of Referee shortly, and this time it is with a copy of Star Wars D20 system (not the one using 4th Ed's system). It plays a lot like 3rd / 3.5 Ed. with Force powers.

Crewed by a motley group of part-time smugglers and mercenaries, the Solar Serpent should be leaving dry-dock next weekend. Attendant, her Captain, Mal, the pilot Jaquet, an estranged Wookie scoundrel, rogue Jedi knight, one astromech, and a forward scouting / fray protocol droid, secondhand.

The play environment is set somewhere after Knights of the Old Republic, with the perspective (for future events and looks) coming from as if only the original Star Wars movie trilogy was made, along with any clues or suggestions to the Jedi presented there.

What terrors lurk beyond the veil of shadows, in the Old Republic?

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