February 8, 2012

Latest Inspiration: Wizards (1977)

I was just finishing watching a film I'd not seen since I was a young lad (which was a forbidden fruit then). A film known solely as 'Wizards', a curious animated work of science fantasy crossed with the post-apocalypse and all bundled up as a "take that" with a number of small and brief references.

And why should you care, oh gentle reader? Because it's awesome. And gots a bunch of roto-scoping going on. And fantastic mutant-Nazis, androids, guns, swords, elves, magic, fae, swears and curse words, gore, and a Browning heavy machine gun! Though, surely I can't forget to also mention the main character: a red-bearded wizard that constantly makes a mockery of himself and smokes the stub of a cigar with his toes.

Though don't get me wrong with my butchered effort of a review (is it actually a review?). The film is a great work of effort that doesn't disappoint. The story is a swell mix of humor, tragedy, realism (in a cartoon? ha!), twists, and an awesome end to the cinematic climax. I won't say what, but such behavior I really do expect from anyone who plays role-playing games; I know I would. Snerk.

Now, without further a'do, to the left is a small selection of stills to hopefully inspire you lot to look into this film if you haven't already. And as usual, prod to expand.

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