October 19, 2011

It Only Rains on Tuesdays...

 A sprawling hulk of material, the colossal microcosm, Warden, carries on for miles in length, height and width. It is a super-massive spheroid vessel totaling a grand number of 17 floors empowered with the means of artificial gravity, and the space of an entire world.


A whistling crack sounds ahead of a gentle drone, almost a whir really, but it carries on, reverberating all around, and with a nauseous pain that empties your center your eyes creep open. Only a faint blur of colour meets your waking sight. But it burns your eyes with an intensity that stabs the back of your skull. At least you thought it did.


What a silly notion: You. Marvelous.

It could have taken hours, maybe even minutes, but as your vision slowly adjusts itself and colours become shapes, and shapes features, you are ready to brave what stands before you; and with a slightly feeble start you clamber out of the artificial construct that was your womb.

Congratulations, hero, this is how your life begins: confusing, cold, and naked.


That was the introduction I gave my players back on Monday when we began our new campaign after a couple weeks of game withdrawal. The setting is a pseudo-Post Apocalypse aboard the starship, Warden, and uses the main rules system from Star Frontiers, though that it is not. It's aimed to be a swell mix of, if you couldn't already guess by the hyperlinked ship name, Metamorphosis Alpha, Gamma World and a wee bit of stuff from Frontiers for that slightly Fallout kind of game. We're all pretty big fans of the Fallout series, though a number only know Gamma World by WotC's version, so it'll be nice to lay some sod.

We normally always play with miniatures, if only to ease all the remembering up for whoever's the GM, but not this time, and I have to say, with Star Frontier's somewhat simple and quick combat, it's a blast. We were finally spending more time screwing around than pushing pieces about the place.

Anyhoo, as follows is a campaign in the far-flung future chronicled by me as I remember, session by session. Hopefully things don't seem like too long a read. I'll need to optimize that.

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