October 26, 2011

Communication isn't always in a box.

Convenient, but too convenient.
Perhaps it has been discussed, and perhaps I've simply missed the topic many times over during my times with the Star Frontiers system, but it is to be said, that not all characters can and will always have a polyvox device bending their ear. Sometimes, they will actually have to know how to talk.

While I know not what all sort of languages the futuristic setting of Star Frontiers (and official canon only provides scant few) provides, I've still come up with a way of determining how easily versed in multiple languages characters are in my campaigns. Quite often we see humans with automatic run of the mill Pan-Galactic with extras being French, Zulu, and other odd spare languages to use amongst the group.

Characters know any number of languages as determined by their LOG skill at character creation.

LOG Score   1-20    21-40    41-60    61-80    81-100
# Known      1           2           3           4           5
Life happens and there isn't always a properly-programmed automatic translator for every vocal beck and call.

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