September 27, 2011


...It's the players that sap the fun from a role-playing session.

One thing I've noticed between the baker's dozen of players we've got around in our two gaming groups, is that some of them simply are annoying. I'm sure I'd be preaching to the choir, but there's always those players that just love to dick around; yanking the DM's chain, and dragging other players down with him.

I realize it's mostly to do with the fact that for some, a game is simply a game, and maybe, just maybe, not even that. Perhaps it is time to waste, they think. Don't get me wrong, I don't enforce dropping the 'Serious Game' hammer like a fascist, but really, when one player can't even have some level of self-control, it can really destroy the mood, aggravate the game master, and by way, distract the other players.

This is the player that eats all the chips, drinks all the mountain dew, cannot even try to be a useful character, and perks up the moment there's a female involved, whether or not it's an NPC. They're almost like loadstones, for everything and everyone involved.

These players aren't fun and aren't needed.

Anyway, just thought I'd say. I should have some pictures of a few painted figures and some works in progress tomorrow when the day's bright.

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  1. yes, know what you mean, just as annoying are the rules Nazis.