June 10, 2011

Now the fun begins.

   After a long, perilous and later fruitless and redundant trip to lands abroad, have I finally returned home to a couple of nice little parcels full of potential. First things for home though? Some decent food and a proper shave to get rid of that O'Bannon beard.

   I won't lie, my main interest in making this web log was for an outlet for starting my foray into 15mm scale science fiction miniatures. And what better way for a kick-start with none other than some good ol' Traveller figures from RAFM? I also purchased some other things from Khurasan Miniatures for some other factions and tridlins.
An elegant clash of Hard Sci-Fi & Fantasy.
   Maybe I should have made it more clear on the picture for those interested, but various mini-projects and factions are present in that pile of stuff.

   In the top-left is a currently-incomplete platoon of Milstarsbanki (Planetary Garrison Militia) (2 fire teams, 1 assault team, and platoon command), below that is Khurasan lamprey-men and some belligerent modifications. Ishtaran reptilia-hominids control the bottom-left next to Khurasan militia. There's two 5-person HE-EVA-suited squads each with an engineer, starship crew, colonists/citizens, thugs/armed colonists, a few miscellaneous bestial aliens, Khurasan mantid-men, a primed steward android and some primed adventurers along with that pesky assassin.

   I've started painting the steward and have already got an idea of what I want to do with the others.

  Also, it seems Khurasan just recently put out a new Modern/Sci-Fi Stowage set. Cool stuff!

   I am changing the font. It's not too much a worry to me, but I feel it might be hard for some of you lot to read.


  1. That I do, and I should be putting more time into it too. Only put base coats on some of them up to this point.