February 6, 2013

A Fundimental Future Feature is in a Threatened Space.

The author of an ebook, titled "Spots the Space Marine", has recently come under flak from big-box-business Games Workshop, and I'm sure all but two of you know who they are. Ah, but the problem here isn't author M.C.A. Hogarth participating in fraudulent activity, and impeaching upon the tarnished name of Games Workshop. Rather it is that he is being bullied by the company for using the term 'Space Marine'.

What's so big a deal with that? Certainly any science fiction fan worth their salt, knows how long this fundamental trope has been a part of its literature. The earliest known use dating back to 1932 in Bob Olson's "Captain Brink of the Space Marines", and more widely known within the works of Robert Heinlein and E.E. Doc Smith.

Now this isn't a simple case of one person getting pushed around, and threatened with a legal battle that doesn't truly have grounds for happening. What is the case, is that the more times they can successfully bully the case, the more credence they will appear to have. All big companies do this, because they know the majority of little people they trod on will get lost in the shit-storm that ensues. "How do I defend myself?", "I can't afford the lawyer(s)!" and etc. to that effect.

Funny thing too, given that the same sort of crap Games Workshop can throw at little M.C.A Hogarth, or in another case and make of that what you will, Chapter House Studios, it won't bother with video games giant, Blizzard. When Warcraft was turned down as a Warhammer Fantasy game, they edited it slightly and sold it, and Starcraft is just as guilty. And why is that? They can afford to fight them, and being pound-for-pound and then some, would just as easily throw Games Workshop off.

So if you can support this man, or any other in a similar situation, it'll be one more victory against big business. For further reading, or ideas on what to do, follow through to the author's personal site. Thankfully a number of people have given him some good advice, 'cause he needs it!

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