August 20, 2012

A Little Something For The Eyes

I don't believe I've much referenced any such capacity in myself here, but occasionally as fancy strikes me, I draw. This is both in traditional and digital mediums. My plan has been for a while now to eventually make a sister site, under the title of 'Cobalt Blue'. There I would display various works of both fantasy and science-fiction both.

All the same, while I do consider my strength moreso to be with a simple Bic pen, I've rather enjoyed my hand with a program called Painttool SAI. Below is the most recent piece, and I trust you hobbyists will enjoy both the visual and subjective values.

Click to Enlarge.
The image is best viewed at 100%, and now folks, the world finally gets to see what I envision Mind Flayers to seem. And for those wondering, both my avatar picture and banner are elements from other illustrations of mine. In a future time, both will be made available to see; either here or at the aforementioned web log.

The pencil and pen drawings will not make an appearance 'till after I acquire a scanner that doesn't butcher the image quality.

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